Aden Veterans Association


  • a formal organization of people or groups of people; “he joined the Modern Language Association”
  • (often in names) A group of people organized for a joint purpose
  • A connection or cooperative link between people or organizations
  • the act of consorting with or joining with others; “you cannot be convicted of criminal guilt by association”
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  • A person who has had long experience in a particular field
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  • (veteran) seasoned: rendered competent through trial and experience; “a seasoned traveler”; “veteran steadiness”; “a veteran officer”
  • A person who has served in the military
  • (veteran) a person who has served in the armed forces


  • an important port of Yemen; located on the Gulf of Aden; its strategic location has made it a major trading center of southern Arabia since ancient times
  • A port in Yemen at the mouth of the Red Sea; pop. 417,370. Formerly under British rule, first as part of British India from 1839 and then from 1935 as a Crown Colony, it was capital of former South Yemen 1967–90
  • Aden is a band currently based in Washington, D.C. which is heavily influenced by 1970s soft rock such as Steely Dan (from whom they borrowed the title of their albums Hey 19 and Black Cow).
  • Aden (??? ,) is a seaport city in Yemen, located by the eastern approach to the Red Sea (the Gulf of Aden), some 170 kilometres east of Bab-el-Mandeb. Its population is approximately 800,000.

aden veterans association

aden veterans association – aden +

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Balaklava Club sign inviting you in for a drink

Balaklava Club sign inviting you in for a drink
The Balaklava Club, the Old Arcade, Murray Place, Stirling is the Club House of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Association in Stirling. It is run by the Argyll’s but you do not have to be "Argyll" to get in. As the sign says Ex-Servicepersons (a sign of the politically correct?), "ex forces", the Legion, the RNA, the REA and the Aden Vets hold their meetings here.


Armed Forces parade 27th June 2010

Veterans from Cockermouth branch RAF association; Peter Hubbard of Cockermouth (chairman), Ian Curry from Cockermouth (secretary and wings organiser), David Russell (standard bearer), Joseph Flemming (1st Border), Dereck Bethwaite of Maryport (served Aden and Cyprus). The association covers Millom to Allonby.